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  • From Bondage to Freedom

  • A Manual for Personal Development

  • A Biblical Theology of Goals

  • Freedom Prayers

  • A Plan for Evangelism

  • Clay in the Master's Hand


This book is designed to help you develop a better prayer life. It is for those who desire a better relationship with God. The material is totally biblical. When praying, one must remember that God is the initiator. It is God’s design that His children pray. He wants to hear from us.


This book is all about changing behavior. Sometimes the Christian thinks that the way to change his behavior is to get emotionally charged. Later when the emotions are gone, the behavior is still manifested in the believer. Emotions are not the way to change behavior. The way to change behavior is to change the way one thinks. The bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This manual is designed for a counselor to carefully guide the counselee through 15 common areas. It is also designed as a self help manual.


This is a “How to Book”. It is for those who desire to accomplish their goals. Both planning and goal setting are biblical. Sometimes all of our failures are blamed on the devil. One would think that the devil has absolute control over the Christian’s life. The problem in most cases is that we have planned to fail by not setting goals for our lives.

bookpic2FREEDOM PRAYERS – $8

Freedom Prayers is a devotional prayer booklet that leads the reader into praying the Scriptures concerning various areas if their lives. As you pray these prayers, you will discover that you are receiving God’s answers. You can stand firm upon the promises of God’s Word.


The principles in this book can be used by any church desiring to fulfill the great commission and desiring to fulfill its biblical mandate to take the gospel into all the world. This book gives practical biblical principles in church growth. The author’s belief is that the church growth is an overflow of a spirit filled church. Yet, the church needs a strategy to gather the harvest. I believe that the harvest can be measured and quantitatively harvested.


This book is for those who’ve failed. It is for those who desire to pick up the pieces in their lives. It gives hope to all of God’s children that you are still in His hand. Because God is sovereign, the responsibility for making His children rests entirely on God. This does not negate human responsibility. Yet, that responsibility is summed in one word, “Yield”.